I'll Send a Thought Out Floating

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 68363

It came to pass that Fred, well, soiled himself.

Well, shit.

Lord Fred sheds a tear. He was always intended to be the hero, the one who slays the dragon, saves the princess, liberates the kingdom, and leads the world into a great new era. Fred always knew in his heart that he was destined for so much more than this. This was not acceptable at all. What would the king say if he saw Fred standing in the cave, his clothing soiled? Or the townspeople? Better yet, how would the princesses take this? Would Astra or Exotica still intend to marry Lord Fred one day, or would they simply laugh him out of the kingdom?

Fred could not bear the thought of either of his love interests laughing at him for this incident. If Fred didn't already feel sick to his stomach before, this thought only makes his personal pain all the more unbearable.

  1. Yeah, he sure did.
  2. It isn't like Fred doesn't have an excuse for it, right?
  3. As expected, Josh Burbank has to get in on the act.
  4. I think that's quite enough of this storyline.
  5. Fred escapes this story arc for a better one.
  6. 666?
  7. Something else.
  8. All of the childish behavior is now out of the way, and Fred can finally begin his quest.
  9. What do you mean Fred is now dead?!
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Ben McClellan

11/2/2010 6:45:41 PM

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