Fred does Something Else

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12313

Unhappy with the options he was given, Fred has chosen to do Something Else. Disregarding any terrible monsters, beautiful women, small dogs or dangerous circumstances in his vicinity, Fred decides to...

  1. Make a sandwich.
  2. See a therapist.
  3. Write a poem.
  4. Embark on a lifelong quest to find the highest prime number.
  5. Invent a better mousetrap.
  6. There is no Choice 6.
  7. Have tea.
  8. Have a nice day.
  9. Have mindless sex.
  10. Do something else.
  11. Have a sex-change
  12. Fred decides to become a palace gaurd.
  13. Become a dragon
  14. Wander in a wood
  15. Adopt a child
  16. Fall in love

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