Fred invents a better mousetrap

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12349

Fred decides to invent a better mousetrap. He spends a long time in the attic labs of King Emtry's castle. He makes quite a few holes in the roof but since any holes automatically led to the Dimension Of Absolute Nothing Except A Few Rocks it was okay.
After a week Fred has come up with his mousetrap. Unfortunately the process uses and destroys the souls of innocent children in the death of the mice.
Fred ponders this situation.

  1. He obviously cannot allow this to be built. He pretends he failed.
  2. Ah screw it. He never liked kids anyway.
  3. Fred quests to the Island Of Memory in order to have the Oracles remove the mousetrap plans from his mind.
  4. Fred spent most of his time throwing things into the Absolute Nothing dimension and has just come up with stuff on paper.

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11/4/2002 5:20:18 AM

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