The Elusive Prime

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12348

Because he lived centuries before it was mathematically proven not to exist, Fred devoted his life to the search for the highest prime number. Saying goodbye to all his friends, he packed all his belongings into his knapsack and set off. For years he roamed the countryside, counting to himself, visiting wise men, discussing factorization and differential calculus with his fellow man. For a short period he became confused as to the definition of 'highest' and climbed Mount Everest, checking house numbers along the way. Unfortunately, since he scaled the North face, all the numbers were even. By this time Fred was getting pretty discouraged.

  1. Fred relentlessly continues the search where he left off, at 12,704,239.
  2. Fred gives up.
  3. Fred does something else.

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8/22/2000 8:30:27 AM

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