Fred Has A Nice Day

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12352

Fred has decided to put off all his responsibilities until tommorow.
Fred is wandering about the fields and forests that are nestled in the valley beneath the dragon's cave.
Fred is having a great day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the air is fresh and with no smells of the city and why, the scream of the villagers can barely be heard at all!
Fred stops to pet a cute little bunny rabbit. It is brown, with white paws and a beige nose. So cute.
"I will call you Slappy McBoingBoing." says Fred to the rabbit.
It runs off, startled by his voice. "Come back, Slappy!"

  1. Slappy vanishes into the trees.
  2. Slappy comes back.
  3. Fred meets a tiny little hermit named 'Monkey Explosion'.
  4. Fred decides to make the villagers shut up.
  5. Fred wakes up from a demented fream.

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