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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 490

The world spun for a moment... Lord Fred landed hard on the ground. He got up and looked around. Nothing was familiar... Weird visions seemed to play with his eyes just off in the distance slightly. It was almost trance like...

"Oh! There you are. I was worried you weren't going to show up," said someone who looked like an older version of Fred.

"Who are you?" asked Lord Fred.

"I am you." Lord Fred looked puzzled... "I mean, I am you from the future. I have come back to give you this very important message."

"What message?" asked present Fred.

Future Fred continued, "It is understandable that you are a little disoriented. The trip here has that effect on people. But anyways... You and your quest are interwoven into a very intricate story. Every possible choice that you may ever have, or ever had, is interwoven into this story. But now, the very fabric of the story, and your quest is threatened by some terrible problem. At some point one of the possibilities is your death. At that point, the story diverges and an infinite number of storylines emerged that didn't include you. It is these rogue storylines that threaten the existence of your entire world. To save yourself you must travel to these rogue storylines and become a part of them. You must strive to be involved in the story more than the main characters from these other storylines. If they dominate the story, you won't even be a twinkle in your grandfather's eye. You just won't even have existed at all. I will soon be leaving you. When I leave, a number of doors will appear. They all lead to some sort of rogue storyline. Go through one and interweave yourself into the story. Good luck."

Future Fred finally stopped talking. Then he simply walked away, and vanished. Lord Fred sat there for a moment and let all of this sink in. It was a bit too much for him. A number of doors appeared all around him. He knew each one lead to a different storyline, but which one to go through...

  1. Sir Josh's Story
  2. Sir Toby's Story
  3. Sir Pikachu's quest
  4. Sir Paulito's Story
  5. Sir Fred's Story
  6. Doctor Who's Story
  7. The tale of the Lost Boys...
  8. John, Paul, George and Ringo
  9. The stinky door.
  10. Sir Link
  11. The Hall of Doors

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