The Cursed Bathroom

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 68084

Fred decided that he would do the most logical thing present, and look further; for a more safer rout to get to the bottom. GO FRED! ehem. anyways. As Sir Fred walkes around and poked at sevral rocks, he found a- narrow - little - not - that - safe - but - safe - than - the - other - options - path to get to the bottom of the waterfall. yes. well. anyway.


As fred climbed down the narrow- little -not - that -safe - but - safer - than - the - other - options - path down the mountain side, he came across a little cave. Now Fred was the gay adventuring, spelunking type, so he decided to explore the vast rejions of this,um, cave. thing. yea.

As Fred ventured into the dark ebyss of the shadow ingulfing aparatus, the meloncolly Adventurer stubbled upon a loomanous and quaint door. As Fred struggled to see what he ran into, his eyes finally got used to the dark lighting and saw that it was, in fact, a door. I mean...what are the odds of there being a door there. I mean...i just said how can it be possible? WOW. i never thought of it that way! This changes my ENTIRE outlook on LIFE!

Fred half-witted opend the door and light eploded into his face and he quickly sheilded eyes from the dreaded light. Inside, he found an odd looking bathroom, with a toilet. Yes, oddly enough, the bathroom had a toilet.


"Holy shit...this entire time of adventuring i have not used the toilet AT ALL! Heh...there really is no realism in these role plays is there. I mean, nerds are so nerdy that they sit there and CREATE this entire WASTE of time which is ME, and neglect to put in, just a little BIT of truth in it. And they always..."

As Fred countinued to rant about nothing, he did not relize that his body was being ingulfed with the Curse Of The Scary Ass. Which, legend has it, that there once was a Scary Ass. It was like...super hary and no one liked it. So all the other asses SHUNNED this ass because it REFUSED to shave it's asshairs. And you know...they called him all sorts of names like "Assy the Asshaird Assfucker" and "Ass!" and "WHOOOO! ASSHAIR!!WHOOYEA!!" and all that sort of nasty and repulsive shit!

Well, Assy the Asshaird Assfucker(heh, as all the Ass people lived, in a rather ODD, as most ass people DIDNT, bathroom that cursed ANYONE that entered the bathroom, to have explosivve dieareha. But for humans, he cursed with costipation!!! YAYZ!!!

"...and then she was all like...whats this? I seem to have the erge to DOOKIE!!!

  1. Fred Sits on the toilet
  2. Fred shits in his pants
  3. Fred Pops Locks and Drops it.
  4. Fred Walks it out.

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