Fred meets St. Peter

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 60

After Fred explores the white mist, he soon comes to the Pearly Gates, where a man with a pair of wings is wearing a white robe. He has a halo of light above his head and he holds a huge book.

"Greetings, Lord Fred." says the angel who could be none other than St. Peter. "You had quite an unfortunate death."

"Yes, I did indeed." says Fred. "I was unable to finish His Highness, the King's task."

The angel says "Yes, indeed. I was well aware of this problem. Here are your choices, Fred. Choose wisely."

After pausing for a moment, he wisely (or foolishly) chooses to...

  1. Go back to the entrance of the Dragon's Lair.
  2. Reappear inside the cave directly in front of the dragon.
  3. Enter Heaven.
  4. Enter Hell.
  5. Assist St. Peter in his task.
  6. Visit the king and ask him to assign the quest of the dragon to a different noble warrior.

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