Fred's Last Deed on Earth

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 65

The spirit of Fred descended down on the King.

"Alas!" cried Fred. "I have perished!"

Tears welled up in the king's eyes. Fred was not just a great knight. He was also a great lover. "You were our last hope, Fred. The kingdom is lost!"

"Wait!" cried Fred. "There is one other who might be able to save the day!"

The king pondered. "Surely, you don't mean..."

  1. "Sir Toby?"
  2. "Sir Josh?"
  3. "Sir Paulito?"
  5. Yourself!
  6. "The Sun Goddess!" (Of course! No one can whoop better ass than her!)
  7. Silent Bob
  8. Sir Time Warrior?
  9. "I fear the only person able to bet the dragon is yourself my liege"
  10. Link
  11. Before Fred can say the name Taka the ninja attacks the King

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