The Start of Sir Joshua's Quest

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 109

Sir Josh could easily pull the whole scene on his computer as if it took place yesterday. Here is what his IBM Aptiva had to display on his screen upon installing the CD-Rom aptly titled Sir Joshua's Quest.

It started out with Lord Fred accepting the quest only to meet his impending doom, no matter what path he took. And the spirit of Lord Fred had summoned His Majesty, the King asking him to hand the quest to someone else. And the King suggested Sir Joshua, the computer geek.

Here's the introduction:

The King stood before the people and spoke:

"And so we send our most heroic warrier, Sir Josh, to take Lord Fred's place and vanquish the most terrible dragon of the Southern Caves. For years the dragon has tormented our people. Burned our fields, taken our children, and been an all around mean dragon.

"Sir Josh, take this map. Use it to locate the entrance to the dragon's lair at the Southern Caves. May God be with you on your quest. And may God have mercy on Lord Fred's soul."

Sir Josh wasn't happy that the map only leads to the cave. Heck, the CD-Rom didn't even offer any graphics at all. What a bummer! And of course, the program in question didn't tell him which cave to enter.

Sir Josh says "I can't just sit here forever deciding what to do. I suppose I'll have to choose one..." Which will it be?

  1. Sir Josh clicks on the option Enter the cave on the left
  2. Sir Josh clicks on the option Enter the cave on the right

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