Sir Josh goes to the right

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 168

"Always right first, then the left. Who cares what I think based on the fact that I am right handed." mutters Josh as he clicks on the choice leading to the right.

A warm breeze blows from the cave. Josh continues on inside. Strangely, it did not get darker as Josh continued on inside the cave. A ways into the cave, Josh comes to a fork. Down one direction goes a trail of water, but it got darker down that end. Down the other end it seems to be getting even brighter still.

In addition, there is some sort of makeshift grave here. On it was inscribed the words Here lies Sir Fred. Fred's Dead. There is a line of text below the inscription which reads By the way, Fred didn't kill himself. Josh did it.

Sir Josh decides to…

  1. follow the water.
  2. follow the light.
  3. Examine the grave more closely.
  4. shout at the top of his lungs "No, I did not kill Sir Fred."

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Sir Josh

2/14/1999 10:42:54 AM

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