The floating chest and Lord Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 201

Strange lights bother Sir Josh. He wants nothing at all to do with them. Where the water is, is where Sir Josh wants to go.

Sir Josh follows the water through a very curvey passageway. As he gets farther from the source of light, Sir Josh is forced to clik on the "light a torch" pull-down choice so he can see.

In the distance he sees a pool where the water appears to be heading. In the middle of the pool is a treasure chest, floating just above the water. Elsewhere in the pool, a man in armor can be seen seated on a chair floating above the water. The man rises and says "You must be Sir Josh, I am Lord Fred."

  1. Sir Josh says "Of course I am Sir Josh. The game title reads 'Sir Joshua's Quest.' And it must be really obvious to you that I am.
  2. Sir Josh clicks on Lord Fred and then "fight".

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Sir Josh

7/2/1999 10:27:50 AM

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