A fight to the death.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 87023

"I'll soon get rid of this nuisance," thought Sir Josh.

Lord Fred watched in astonishment as a glowing, chunky, white-gloved hand appeared from nowhere and glided across the chamber toward him. He swatted at it with his sword, but the blade passed right through the hand, which settled on his chest. A loud beep came from nowhere and everywhere and the hand disappeared. A moment later Fred was surrounded by a glowing halo.

"What the...?" Said Fred.

Sir Josh charged, roaring, sword held high. Lord Fred adopted a fighting stance and waited for the whelp to arrive. Sir Josh slashed wildly at Fred, who easily sidestepped and drove his sword into the other's side.

Instead of falling dead, screaming, or clutching at the wound, Fred was surprised to see a glowing number 12 float up from where he had struck the young knight as the boy himself turned and swung his sword again. Fred ducked the swing, stepped past him and slashed at the back of his knees.

Again, the boy did not fall, did not even slow down, while a glowing number 7 floating toward the ceiling. What manner of magic was this?

  1. Lord Fred goes on the offensive.
  2. Lord Fred defends and asks Sir Josh what is going on.
  3. Sir Josh continues to attack.
  4. Sir Josh takes a potion.

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