Sir Josh takes a potion

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 87027

Sir Josh turned and swung again at Lord Fred. This time Fred parried the blade. Out of nowhere the glowing hand appeared again, this time landing on Sir Josh's chest. Again the disembodied beep as the hand disappeared. Sir Josh reached for a small flask on his belt, completely dropping his guard in the heat of battle.

Not one to let the inconceivable upset his rhythm, Lord Fred took the opportunity to take an almighty slash at the suicidal wretch's neck. His blade passed through the boy's neck almost as if it weren't there. A glowing number 8 floated from Sir Josh's neck, followed more rapidly by a red x4. The two symbols met about 6 feet above their heads and became a larger 32 in a glowing red halo before disappearing through the ceiling.

Sir Josh fell to the ground, apparently dead, but also apparently unharmed. Lord Fred shook his head. Magic.

A large grey stone panel appeared, suspended in the air, glowing oddly. It bore the words "Game Over" and below them two raised tablets reading "Play Again" and "Exit". The glowing hand appeared once more and glided toward the panel. Lord Fred stood helpless as the hand made its selection.

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