Sir Josh enters the left cave.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 167

Left has always been my unlucky direction, thinks Sir Josh. With firm resolve, Sir Josh heads towards the cave on his left.

The cave features a dimly lit concrete pavement that leads inside. Sir Josh couldn't see anything, but the dimly lit concrete pavement. At various interval, Sir Josh feels a gust of cold air blowing into his face. Sir Josh continues on inside. As Sir Josh walks farther down the dimly lit concrete path, he hears...


... hears the faint sound of rustling. It is so dark that he couldn't see what it was. Quickly, he clicks on the menu bar and chooses the "Light torch" pull-down choice.

In the cave with him, Sir Josh sees...

  1. A small dog.
  2. A large bear.
  3. Nothing. The pull down choice didn't work.
  4. A piece of paper.
  5. A small white bunny in a cage.
  6. A worn-out looking chair with wheels.

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Sir Josh

2/14/1999 10:22:46 AM

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