Sir Josh meets a talking dog

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 188

Sir Josh breathes a sigh of relief. It is just a tiny dog. "Nothing to be afraid of," Sir Josh speaks aloud.

The dog appears to be friendly. Perhaps it would make a good companion, thinks Sir Josh. He bends over and tries to make friends with the dog.

The dog is friendly. In fact, the dog is sentinent! Through a system of 'Yes and no' barks, Sir Josh quickly sets up, Sir Josh learns that this dog is actually Lord Fred who was magically transformed into the small dog by none other than the dragon. The dragon likes to transform humans into animals. And this is actually the Lord Fred who originally set off to deal with the dragon.

  1. Lord Fred, the small dog and Sir Josh set off to look for the dragon.
  2. Sir Josh insists of going back to the castle to inform the king of his discovery.

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Sir Josh

6/27/1999 9:47:12 AM

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