Why did Lord Fred become a dog?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2389

Lord Fred, the dog is more than willing to help Sir Josh vanquish the dragon. Or is it the other way around?

"Wait a minute," says Sir Josh. "Why should we head to the dragon? I might get transformed into a dog myself."

"Actually," says Lord Fred, "I was told that I had to become part of Sir Josh's quest because it is really my quest and not yours. And the price of walking through this particular red door is that I got transformed into a dog by the dragon. If I didn't walk through the door, I would have never met you and I would have never have been turned into a dog. But I might have been transformed into something worse."

"So you never really died, did you?" asks Sir Josh

"Yes and no. Depending on my history due to the convolution of this quest that was caused by Sir Toby, Sir Paulito, and others, I could have died and been resurrected, died and still some kind of ghost, or never have died at all. And this is very confusing."

"Hmmmm, we'd better find the dragon and make sure that we don't become part of someone else's story.

"Yup, let's go!" says the dog.

  1. Sir Josh and Lord Fred come across a large book.
  2. Sir Josh and Lord Fred come across a red door.
  3. Sir Josh and Lord Fred come to an escalator that leads down.
  4. Sir Josh and Lord Fred come to a fair maiden chained to the wall.
  5. Sir Josh and Lord Fred stumble across Sir Toby.
  6. Well too bad, because if you click on this option, everybody will turn into dogs and then die a horrible death!

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