Pikachu the hero

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 652

Sir Pikachu of the Pokemon army was chosen. He went off to the land of hell's blast, where the Dragon waited. Sir Pikachu, only 3 feet tall, fought the hell dragon, 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. Pikachu used lightning blast, but the dragon dodged it. The dragon started gaining Flame power and shot it. Pikachu was hit, and slammed into the wall. Pikachu got up and took an Ultima Shock and electrocuted the dragon. The dragon got shaken up. Blasts continued for 10 minutes and finally, with the electric shock, Sir Pikachu won the battle. A gold diamond appeared and a voice said to Pikachu: 'Thou art noble. Thou getith one wishith.' Pikachu thought a moment and yelled out: "Pikachuuuuuu....PKIA PIKA PIKACHU PI!"

  1. Translation: (May Sir Toby be revived!)
  2. Translation: (I want to be Sir RAICHU)
  3. Translation: (I want a nice 5 day thunderstorm!)
  4. Translation: (All of the above)
  5. Translation: I wish Lord Fred to be revived!

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ASH,LINK, and soon to be RAICHU

2/17/1999 6:03:17 PM

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