Lord Fred leaves Valhalla

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 79994

Lord Fred has been getting a tour of the various heavenly options available to a warrior... and he's just about decided on Valhalla (he was really getting along with Thor) when Sir Pikachu's wish calls him back!

Picture this... Lord Fred sitting there, a horn of ale in one hand, a wench on the other, Thor's badly-fitting belt hanging from his waist, and a silly paper viking helmet hanging off one ear.

As the hall begins to fade, and the silly yellow mouse (standing in front of a dead dragon) appears in his view, he hasn't much time to act...

  1. Return to life and join Pikachu on the quest.
  2. Throw the horn of ale at the pokemon.
  3. Throw the wench at the pokemon.
  4. Throw Mjolnir at the pokemon.
  5. Throw the silly paper helmet at the pokemon.
  6. Please god, make this didn't happen!

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