The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42330

Acting like twenty percent of all fast-food customers, Josh poops where he is not supposed to. Then several large men run out and give Josh an award for his one thousandath inappropiate pooping in the Staircase Room.

  1. Josh does so many jumping jacks he sprains his taint.
  2. Josh runs around.
  3. Josh sees a montage of his best poos.
  4. Josh eats a monkey in three bites; a small one but still.
  5. Josh sees a montage of every single one of his one thousand poos.
  6. Josh sings an original song about stealing valuable items from charity.
  7. Josh tries to seduce nearby air.
  8. The quality of NEQ just keeps rising and rising.
  9. Scott comes in, followed by Dan Danger and Steve the incontinent 98 year old man.
  10. The world's most sober midget enters.

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9/15/2008 9:57:44 PM

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