Ranma Shows Up

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16318

Fred ask the wizard to summon Ranma Saotome.

The wizard says , "Sure , I can do that.". The wizard says some words, makes some gestures, and pays some Powers. The wizard finshes and there is a puff of smoke and then Ranma Saotome is standing there.

Ranma looks around and assumes a fighting stance. "Where the hell am I and is this your doing?", Ranma asks looking at the two. He does not appear to be in a good mood. "I'm gonna' make you regret bringing me here against my will. I was just about to do somethin' too."

Lord Fred...

  1. ...chooses to fight Ranma.
  2. ...tells Ranma about the dragon and begs his help saying he is the greatest Martial Artist to ever live.
  3. ...splashes Ranma with cold water turning him into Ranma-chan and tries to seduce her.
  4. ...runs away from Ranma because he knows he can't beat him.
  5. ...points to the wizard and says it's all his fault.
  6. ...yells at Ranma and screams, "Ranma Saotome, prepare to die! Because of you, I've seen hell!".
  7. ...uses his knowledge of the series (heh , being an otaku comes in handy) and convince Ranma that he was cursed into this shape by Akane, thereby getting Ranma's help.
  8. ...offer Ranma a cure for his curse if he helps him.
  9. ...asks Ranma what he was going to do when the wizard summoned him here now.
  10. You suddenly fall and trip on Ranma, and inhabit his body
  11. Fred Seduces Ranma-chan.

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Kitsune Kaydee - Edited by Sir Toby

6/29/2001 2:24:49 AM

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