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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 34289

You suddenly trip and fall against ranma. YOu feel a strange sentation, get up and look down at yourself. YOu are wearing Ranma's clothes! on closer in spection, you are Ranma! Suddenly, you hear a loud crashing and large river comes down the cavern. YOu run fast, but it catches up and you get sucked down the river. YOu wake up in the Anything Goes martial arts dojo, and wonder how you got there. YOu feel something strange on your chest, and you look down. Your in Ranma's girl form now. you...

  1. ...run around screaming, and no one hears you
  2. ...run around screaming, until Nabiki sticks her head in and asks what the matter is
  3. you walk out calmly, trying to play the role of Ranma
  4. you are attacked by an angry akane, because you had woken up in her clothes
  5. ...akane comes in very angry, and you throw a bucket of water from jusenkyo's pool of the drowned boy

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10/6/2003 10:42:52 AM

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