The Necromancer

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16

"Excuse me, kind sir," says Fred. "I am Lord Fred."

"Hello Lord Fred." says the old man. "My name is Belboz, the necromancer."

"Necromancer? Do you do magic?"

"Yes, I do. For a reasonable fee, I can do any magic that I know. Other magic will have to wait until I can finish studying this tome."

"Cool!" says Fred. "How reasonable?"

"Depends on how much effort it takes me to cast a spell." comes Belboz's reply.

Fred thinks for a minute and asks the necromancer...

  1. cast a spell that would protect him from a dragon's breath.
  2. ...if he would be willing to accompany Fred on his mission to defeat the dragon.
  3. ...for directions to the Dragon.
  4. upgrade his sword.
  5. guide him.
  6. ...if he can create a spell to kill the dragon from here.
  7. turn him into a dragon to properly fight the dragon.
  8. change him into a giant to step on the dragon.
  9. give someone to help in his quest.
  10. use his magic to get him far away from the dragon.
  11. ...what the best way to kill a dragon actually is.
  12. conjure up a cheese sandwich.
  13. summon up Ranma Saotome to do the fighting for him.
  14. ...if he can buy a Summoning Scroll.

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Josh Bieber - Edited by Sir Toby

2/13/1999 7:43:11 PM

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