The Wrong Spell

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8539

Something goes terribly wrong with the spell, and you --the reader-- take the place of Lord Fred.

You are magically taken to a house, to have another unknown spell cast on YOU! As he casts the spell you feel a burning sensation on your chest and groin. You are being transformed into a woman! (Or transformed into a *different* woman, whichever best applies to your current condition.) Before you can say anything you start hearing the sound of bones breaking and reforming and your hips are becoming larger. And then a peice of hair dangles in your face and you notice your hair has grown past your shoulders. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON" you scream in a girlish voice. The wizard looks at you and holds up a mirror. You stare at a beautiful goddess and relize its you. You--

  1. run out bare naked screaming
  2. take out your sword and kill the wizard
  3. faint
  4. ask for an explination

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Scott Badalamenti

3/28/2000 7:17:56 PM

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