Asking Directions

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 397

"Ummm, no magic for me, thanks," Fred said. He had never really trusted magic. He could still remember the day his brother had been consumed by the magical fire, a fire fueled by his brother's own mad quest for fire.

"Very well," Belboz said, and began to read his tome once more. Out of the corner of his eye, Fred noticed that Belboz was rubbing a ring with a blue sapphire on it, attached to his right index finger.

"Could you, perhaps, direct me to the Dragon?" Fred asked.

"The Dragon?" Belboz raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "You're looking for the Dragon? Why?"

Fred considered his options.

  1. Fred said "To Slay it of course!" boldly.
  2. Fred said "To, ummm, kill it," timidly.
  3. Fred tried to figure out what Belboz was doing with his ring.
  4. Fred examined the tome Belboz was reading.
  5. Fred said "I owe the Dragon money and I've come to pay up."
  6. Fred said "The Dragon owes ME money and I've come to make HIM pay up."

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