Fred's Timidness

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 399

Fred barely manages to get out, "To, ummm, kill it," timidly.

Belboz snorts, "You certainly don't sound very certain of yourself. I've seen braver men than you roasted alive by the dragon's fire breath. Perhaps you'd better turn around and go home."

"I can't go home."

"Why not?"

"I've been assigned this quest by the King himself. I must defeat the dragon. If I return home with my task unfinished, untold shame shall befall my house, unto my children's children's children. I shall be put to the death. It would be better for me to die fighting the dragon than to die at the chopping block. At least I would die in honor."

Belboz looks at Fred and sighs. "That's quite a predicament you've got yourself there. I'm afraid that if you won't accept any magical assistance, there's no help I can give you."

"Can't you even direct me to the dragon?"

"Lord Fred, at this stage you are in no shape to fight the dragon. One person with just a plain old sword isn't going to cut it. Inside this cavern there are people that the dragon has imprisioned. If you can find them and free them, they will certainly aid you in your quest. Additionally, there are weapons and items scattered about that will greatly assist you in killing the dragon. When you have located a strong party of warriors wielding some of the powerful items in this cavern, then you can come and see me. For then you will be ready to face the dragon. Then I will guide you to the dragon. Not before."

"But where will I find all these things?"

Belboz points down a corridor that Fred was sure wasn't there a moment ago. "Follow that corridor. It will branch into two directions. Going left will lead you to companions, while going right will lead you to items. That is all I can say, or do for you at this time."

Belboz suddenly dissapears into a puff of smoke. With nothing better to do, Fred heads down the corridor. It does indeed turn into a left/right branch. Lord Fred decides to head...

  1. left for companions.
  2. right for items.

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