The Babe.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10578

"Give me someone to help in my quest."Fred says."OK" says the magician."Ogdaretygt Xnjfktvdrjgrs Yrghffjjm!" he chants.Brillant lights,brighter even than the book,begin to flash.A figure steps out of the light,and walks toward Fred.It is a beautiful woman,with red hair,green eyes,and a sensous body.She is wearing a tight,blue jerkin,and a red-plaid mini-skirt.Huge black wings protrude from her back.Fred wants her badly,but dosen't give in to the temptation."She will help you."the magician says.Just then,a loud,angry roar echoes throughout the cave.

  1. You sneak down the cave after the noise.
  2. You cuddle with the mystery woman.
  3. You run back the way you came,screaming like a schoolgirl.
  4. The newcome slays Belboz.

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6/22/2000 7:13:54 PM

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