The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16325

Lord Fred convinced Ranma that he was cursed into this shape by Akane, thereby getting Ranma's help.

”Yes, I will help you, Lord Fred. You have convinced me.”

”Great!” said Lord Fred. “Here’s what I need you to do. It seems that I’ve overpacked and am carrying a lot of supplies I don’t need. If you can just take this stuff back to my manor, I will meet you back there once my quest to slay the Dragon is complete.”

”I think my talents are probably being wasted on such a task, but sure… whatever you say.”

Fred rummaged through his pack and handed Ranma the following items: floss, an empty beer bottle, boxer shorts, a cigarette filter, a guidemap to Macedonia celebrity homes, push pins, a flyer advertising a strip joint, a kitchen sink, a bottlecap collection, and a piñata.

Ranma bundled all of Fred’s extras together, and went off towards Fred’s manor. Relieved of much of his burden, Fred ventured forward into the caves to find the Dragon, newly renewed.

Before long, Fred found himself in the middle of the dark silent cavern. It took him a while to gather enough of his wits about him to take the torch out of his pack and light it with a flint (lucky he didn’t give these to Ranma). That was when he saw them. They were larger than ostrich eggs, though Fred had never seen an ostrich, and had pale yellow and amber shells. Fred wondered what kind of a bird could live so deeply within a cave.

Suddenly, one of the eggs cracked open, and to Fred’s surprise a baby dragon emerged! It waddled up to Fred, looked up to him with big blue eyes, and said “Mama?”

  1. Thinking this is the Dragon he was sent to slay, Fred cleaves the baby in two with his sword.
  2. Fred decides to hold the baby hostage as a negotiating chip against the Dragon.
  3. “Awwww!” Fred adopts the baby dragon.

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Sir Paulito (props to Roanna and episode 119)

10/3/2003 7:35:19 AM

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