The Ice Cavern

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 16320

Lord Fred tells Ranma about the dragon and begs his help saying he is the greatest Martial Artist to ever live.

Ranma considers for a moment. “Very well, Lord Fred. I will aid you in your Quest. But under one condition.”

“Anything,” said Fred.

”I’m in charge. I hate to pull rank on you, but I am the greatest Martial Artist to ever live.”

”Very well,” said Fred. “What’s our first course of action?”

”Let’s split up. You head north, further into the cave. I’ll scout to the south.”

”Sounds good to me!” agreed Fred. The pair said their farewells to Belboz and went on their separate paths.

Before long, Fred noticed a drop in the temperature, which was actually quite refreshing to somebody dressed head to toe in full plate armor. The passage eventually empied out into a large, cold chamber. In the center of the chamber was what appeared to be a small glacier, which chilled the room considerably, causing icicles to form throughout the cavern in a beautiful pattern.

Glancing at the glacier, Fred did a double-take. Something (or someone) appeared to be encased in the ice! What could it be?

  1. Fred looks around for a way to melt the ice.
  2. Fred attempts to break through the ice with his sword.

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