Interview With A Josh

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 78053

Walters goes through her list of questions. Josh, still diguised as Lots42, answers most of them, making up hideous but believable lies and filling in the rest with excerpts from Piers Anthony biographical summaries.
Meanwhile, She-Hulk had come in and belched out her own skull. Banshee, Nightcrawler and Iceman had filleted each other with magic swords. Multiple Man had commited murder-suicide. Reed Richards had shrunk himself into a contained black hole. Speedball had died of ennui. Judge Dredd had sentenced himself to death. Nick Fury had jammed a grenade into his empty eye socket. Cyclops had gotten the red out. Adam Strange had Zeta-Beamed his own crotch away and bled out.

  1. Ew.
  2. The interview enters it's final stage.
  3. Lots42 loses controls of his bowels.
  4. Lord Fred shows up and begins dragging out the bodies one by one.
  5. Walters' next interview subject, Princess Astra shows up. She is buck-naked. Walters dimly realizes this won't fly with the censors.
  6. Howard the Duck slowly enters and doesn't die. He does, however, reveal his extreme hatred for Lots42 (the man had seduced Beverly once).

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