More Supers Disintegrate

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 78036

Suddenly, Hawkeye and Green Arrow come bursting in through another wall!

Each of them staggers out into the middle of the faux living room, twitching spastically. Barbara Walters notices that their skin seems to be fizzing.

Each of them falls in their tracks and hits the floor, as they disintegate into foul-smelling mush, leaving only their skeletons, gear and clothing behind.

  1. Barbara Walters screams long and loud. Josh sort of takes it in stride.
  2. Next, Superman and Marvel Boy fall through the ceiling. They hit the floor and explode into stinking dust.
  3. Josh steals Oliver Queen's gear and styles himself the new Green Arrow. Sadly, Black Canary is not part of the gear.
  4. Meanwhile, in a brooding fortress somewhere in Eastern Europe, Victor Von Doom stares at a monitor in abject, frightened shock.
  5. Barbara Walters gamely tries to conduct the interview. even with supers staggering in and dying in odd ways.
  6. The majority of the world's superheroes are dead. All that's left are the understudies and the rejects.
  7. Josh takes Hawkeye's skull and uses it as an odd sort of hand-puppet. He insists that Walters address the puppet instead of him.

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The Living End (laughing like I've not laughed since laughter was invented)

6/20/2008 2:12:18 AM

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