The tunnel of nets

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 4463

Fred is swept up in a net and yanked down a tube.
He shoots downward, net and all. He can't see a thing but can feel that it is metal under his bum.
WHOOSH! he goes left.
WHOOSH! he goes right.
WHOOSH! he drops down a steeper cross tube, losing his sword as it clanged away on the turn.
WHOOOSHEEE! Fred squeaked to a stop. It was still all pitch-black and the net was more tangled then ever. There was still metal under him. And with the way the wind was going, it was a large room.
Suddenly several torches lit up.
Fred blinked and when his eyes adjusted he saw...

  1. the dragon.
  2. several people sitting in his chairs. Then his sword slid past.
  3. a five hundred foot drop just inches away from his face. Fred's sword slid past and fell into the pit.
  4. several were-creatures. They made a hand signal. All Allarian knights had a secret hand-signal language to communicate in times of distress. This signal meant they were friendly. (But anyone could torture the signal out of a man)...
  5. ...Fred's senses were overwhelmed and he went into mental lockdown.
  6. his mom and dad and family friend Joeseph, who once saved them all from a Metal Blob stampede.
  7. the kids who gave him wedgies in school. The kids hadn't aged!
  8. his sword heading straight for his face. SHUNK! Death is quick.
  9. mounds of cooked bacon.

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5/31/2003 8:48:16 PM

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