The Quest for the Book of Curses

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 700

Bruno the bear showed Fred to a narrow passageway.
"It's through there." Bruno said, pointing towards the passage way with a claw. "It's too narrow for me to fit through, but one of your size will be able to squeeze in. I've never been in it, so I don't know how far it goes, or if it branches off in places, or if nasty snakes and spiders dwell in there, or..."
"I get the point!" Fred exclaimed. "Here goes nothing!". And he valiently crawled in
Indeed the passageway was a tight fit. Fred crawled along in the darkness for what seemed like ages, finally arriving in a dimly lit room. Fred examined the room carefully. It seemed a small room for a mighty dragon to keep his books, but then again, do dragons even have a use for books? The damp cave walls were covered in moldy wooden shelves, on the shelves were a variety of dusty books. The only way out was through the passageway Fred had come through.
"Splendid!" fred exclaimed. "Now all I need to do is find the book of curses!"
But suddenly things got very NOT splendid. The room began to shake and rumble, dust and rocks falling everywhere. Suddenly, a large boulder fell in front of the passageway Fred had entered. One of the book shelves began to move, revealing yet another tunnel. A gust off hot wind blew from the tunnel and singed the hair on Fred's head.

  1. Fred entered the tunnel, sword in hand.
  2. Fred searched the room for the book of curses.

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