Quirlos' Fight

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25721

Quirlos continued trailing the humans through the darkened hills of Axtun. He was a bit disappointed - he had been looking forward to the celebration, the free beer, and the famous Axtun bratwurst. He didn't understand why Fred had first chosen to follow the soldiers, then apparently changed his mind and slaughtered them instead. At least he could've gone the extra mile and penetrated Castle Zeitgeist to kill the pesky psychic Baron as well. Oh well, Quirlos sighed, all in good time.

Suddenly he heard a rustle behind him. He spun around to see a lovely elfin lass materializing, her ice-blue hair in braids and her eyes jet- black to complement her leather outfit.

"Azure!" Quirlos exclaimed. "I can't believe you'd have the wherewithal to follow me around... you, you traitor! Look at you - so tainted with the Chaos Energies you hardly look like an elf anymore!"

"Poor, delusional, little Quirlos." Azure smiled. "Still struggling for a cause that no longer has a ghost of a chance. Why don't you just give up and come with me? It can be like the old days, Quirlos - don't you remember?"

"Oh, I remember." the elf spat. "But if you think I'll help you and your depraved master destroy the world, you're sadly mistaken!"

"Oh, Quirlos." Azure sighed. "Don't you understand yet? There is nothing that can stop us. Your precious Destined One and his simpering cronies are walking into a trap. They'll never reach Goldstadt alive. Do you really think Castellan would allow his enemies to prance and mince about freely, plotting his demise? Oh no Quirlos, my master is far wiser than that. One by one, his enemies will die, and he will invoke the Ritual of the Beyond!"

"Fred will live!" Quirlos said. "I will see to it!"

"Well then." the elf-girl smiled, drawing a longsword of jet-black steel. "I guess you leave me no choice then brother."

"You wouldn't dare." Quirlos said grimly. Instinctively his hands fell to his own two magic daggars.

"Die, Opposer!" Azure howled, and lunged at Quirlos.

Quirlos grinned and drew a dagger lightning-fast to block her attack. She had left herself wide open to a perforation by his other dagger, but Quirlos merely backstepped and stuck his tongue out childishly.

"I was careless..." Azure frowned. "You should've killed me while you had the chance, brother."

The elf-girl advanced again, and swung at Quirlos' midsection. Once again Quirlos blocked, this time with both daggers, then acrobatically leapt over Azure's head to land behind her. Azure spun around to block a tentative slash and spat "You were always a bloody show-off!"

"And you always smelled like horse-poop!"

"You take that back!"

"Horse-poop, horse-poop! Nyaah! Poo-poo-poo! Bwahahaha!"

Enraged, the elf-girl lunged, swung - and then in a flash of Quirlos' daggers her sword flew out of her hands and stuck fast in the ground behind him.

"Well, sister!" Quirlos chuckled. "It seems I will live - and so will Fred! What's Castellan gonna do now? I bet he's spitting up his coffee as we speak! Nyahahaha!"

Azure closed her eyes. "I will not fail in my mission."

Before Quirlos could even gasp, Azure threw herself into the dagger. Quirlos pulled his hand back a second too late - the magic steel had driven into her throat as if through paper, with a terrible burst of dark blood. "With the gift of my blood..." Azure choked, falling "Send him to the Chaos Realm!"

"No, sister, no!" Quirlos cried, catching her in his arms. "I'm sorry! You never smelled of anything but sweet perfection!"

Azure looked up at him, and for a brief instant her eyes shone with their former sky-blue radiance. But then terrible swirling shadows engulfed them, and when they passed, both elves were gone.

  1. Meanwhile, in a moonlit forest clearing...
  2. "We're making good time." Fred said...
  3. Meanwhile, down in the Chaos Realms (aka the Office of Chaos for one Agent 4)...
  4. Indeed, Castellan was spitting up his coffee.

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