The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25647

The light of the full moon shone down upon two cloaked and hooded figures making their way through the woods. The forest's usual eerie silence was broken only by the sound of their footsteps.

"Are you sure we should've come here?" one of the figures asked. It was Bertha. "Couldn't we have done the spell from your home?"

"Of course not." Irena answered. "Do not underestimate the Dark Heretic's power. A spell of this magnitude would act as a beacon for any forces, friendly or unfriendly, for miles around. We cannot risk being found out until we are ready to move against Castellan."

They emerged in a small crescent-shaped clearing, moonlight projecting odd patterns through the foliage overhead. "This is the place." Irena announced, pulled off her cloak and robe and kicked off her shoes to stand completely naked before Bertha. Her body was wiry and muscular. "Get undressed, Berthie."

"Undressed?" Bertha gasped. "J-just what kind of spell is this? What if someone is watching?"

"Didn't your mother teach you anything?" Irena rolled her eyes. "Magic always works better when done naked, or at least barefoot - it provides a better connection to the mystic energies that flow naturally through the earth. Relax, no one is watching."

Blushing, Bertha pulled off her peasant's dress. Irena whistled "Damn, girl! The BEAddventure would be glad to have you!"


"Nevermind. Inside joke." Irena cackled, sprinkling the ground with magic dust. Once a circle was formed, she sat inside of it and motioned for Bertha to join her.

"So... what exactly is this spell going to do?" Bertha asked as she sat down.

  1. "We're going to invade Castellan's mind." Irena grinned. "Stir things up a little bit, heh heh heh!"

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4/6/2003 12:17:16 PM

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