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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25761

Azure looked up at him, and for a brief instant her eyes shone with their former sky-blue radiance. But then terrible swirling shadows engulfed them, and when they passed, both elves were gone.

To the Chaos Realms, to be met (both of them, Azure finds her wounds somehow healed) by a sight that shocks them dumb and mute (for the moment, anyway).

Azure, who'd been lulled into going down what she now knows (her heart screams) had been a terrible path, knows what a Demon is. But who's this human looking Entity (but her elfin sense says isn't human by ANY means) arguing with it?

Quirlos, meanwhile, is suffering from emotional, physiological, theological (and several other "-ogical") shocks so just stares as it appears that a Demon and some powerful Celestrial entity named.....Agent 4?....argues over their very fate!

"You remember what I said the last time you tried that argument with me and what I did when you tried to push the issue," the leather clad Agent 4 says softly. (re: 8569).

The Demon just looks at the Agent....and begins to cry!

"But I won her soul fair and...." it whines.

"Bullshit," Agent 4 interrupts, taking the Contract (Azures' contract in her own blood) from the defeated Demon's limp hand. Defeated and limp (rather unbecoming for a Demon), it vanishes in a puff of smoke. "Hellcrew spawns are never fair. Never."

Sighing, he tears up the contract and Azure's head and heart reels, as if a weight and leash had suddenly been removed.

But something within both elves, they somehow felt, was still very much....wrong.

By the Queen Mother, when was the last time they'd actually taken a breath or felt their heart beat? They quickly check for a pulse and try to hold their breath to see....but nothing.

Sick to their stomachs (oddly enough, considering), they realized that they were neither alive or dead, but in some halfway state.

"We need to talk and talk quickly," Agent 4 sighs, looking at the contract in his hands. "About your Fates and such, very important. Back to life on the Mortal Planes and such."

  1. "Huh?" Azure says weakly, blinking her sky blue eyes in supreme confusion at what she'd witnessed. Quirlos echoes his sister, also mightily confused, still, with the shocks of what had befallen both of them.

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