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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25762

"Huh?" Azure says weakly, blinking her sky blue eyes in supreme confusion at what she'd witnessed. Quirlos echoes his sister, also mightily confused, still, with the shocks of what had befallen both of them.

But a dawning....horror....was awakening within each of their elfin hearts over the implications of what they'd seen and heard. One of the most dire things was that they had souls!

Author's Note: in at least this story thread, the reason why Azure had been seduced and subsummed by the Demon when signing her contract was that very issue about souls. She'd believed when signing and seeing where she'd be ceding over control (and eventual ownership) of her own immortal soul, she'd seen a fatal and stupid flaw that would lead to lot of power and fun at the expense of this "stupid" Demon. Looks like the joke was on her, eh?

Why so upset? Even after Agent 4 restarts their heart and lungs so to try to make them feel more at ease? Shouldn't they be happy over that fact? Nope.

See, a cornerstone of their people's belief system kind of rose up in opposition to the demands humanity would place upon other non-human entities like elves and such. Basically, a tenant of the humans of their world stated that all beings with souls must be ministered and converted to the Land's faith (i.e. a human centric religion stating that if you, even non-humans, had a soul it was Fate that you join). Very annoying to non-humans, so the elfin powers that be (i.e. the Queen Mother) threw something back into the humans faces, stating that elves had no souls and thus they could go bugge....er..... Well, let's just say that using some established theology trickery, the Mother Queen got her entire people to believe this nonsense about not having souls and thus prevented a major stampede towards humanity (and thus weakening her political position in the process).


Don't ask, it's a long, dry and weird story with reasoning that is very....alien in parts.

But that said, if these two elves should reveal what they'd seen and heard, they'd be called heretics and stoned, tortured until they repented. Then they'd be banished and since elves ARE social creatures.....so disturbing to their spirits and minds that a bullet to the brain would be kinder!

A revelation about Chaos not being equivalent to evil (but an ethically neautral force in the makeup of reality, with Agents being in charge of overlooking the forces of chaos/entropy's implementation or whatever) would have made matters only worse. All this and more would be coming to light when next Quirlos had his mandatory Meet with the Mother Queen. She'd smell it on him, basically. Couldn't hide it, I fear. As for Azure, now that she was free from her contract.....elfin instincts demanded she return to the elfin fold, and once the elves learned just how she'd been freed (all the dirty little details).....same problem for her as her brother, folks.

That was the first choice that was open to them, according to Agent 4 (who had been Summoned by the Higher Up(s) and dare not delay very long....Higher Up(s) won't be denied).

The second choice, if not a straight return, was what would amount to being "reincarnated" on another world. No guarantees on what they'd return as at all. Might be humans, elves....or even dwarves! Put in the fact that, by statues placed upon Agents and other Celestrials (yes, even Celestrials must live by rules and laws of sorts), Agent 4 could NOT send them back to another world and let them retain their memories of their prior lives. Agent 4 wouldn't tell the reasoning behind that, just saying he couldn't help the elves and dodge that outcome if they chose this route.

Being that the elves still were rather fond of what they'd learned up to this point and were rather attached to being elves, they declined.

Probably the most telling reason for the decline was the thought of (horrors) becoming dwarves!

Finally, there was the last choice. It was an allowed variant of a "straight" reincarnation, you could say. Thing here is that the elves would remain at least a species of elves (if not exactly like their current race....there are many different races out in the muli-verse who are elves but are put together in quiet different manners). On their eighth birthday, they'd regain their true memories and such, so that appealed to the elves, despite being told that those eight years being "blanked" would be formative years and thus very much influence their personalities and such. Oh, you might be asking about this "eighth birthday" stuff? Well, see, the short of it is they've been youthened back into infants and transformed into "Terra Prime" kind of elves.

  1. Who fall instantly and permanently in love with some elfin Champions who'd just got done with....er....something after leaving the TARDIS....

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