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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25798

Who fall instantly and permanently in love with some elfin Champions who'd just got done after leaving the TARDIS....

But that's for later!

Back to the show!

An Agent sighs, rolling his eyes in the process as this rather incoherent "flash preview" ends and the "show" begins again.

"I do wish he'd not do stuff like that," the Agent sighs before vanishing into the thin air.

But hey! It all works out for the best, right? Those elves, Quirlos and Azure get out of a tight jam and even though reincarnated get to grow up again as adventurers and such with adventurerous, heroic folks like Gilmuriel and E'eysha. E'eysha and Gilmuriel, with those youthened (and a bit transformed) reincarnated elfin babes were a welcome addition (making the grand total suddenly from one child to three children (long story, stay tuned) after retiring from adventure for a bit from the Doctor's TARDIS.

As for the various Synizn's meeting their soulmates, well....when Agent 4 got called by the Higher Up(s) (his Boss(es)), you don't argue with Orders! A bit of Destiny (with Agent 4 playing Cupid) was what that was about...a bit anyway.


Hey, it happens in this Epic.


  1. Artizza and Fertal, with their new friends, were in private discussing the upcoming "fake" assassination of Aaron, which would leave Aaron's sister no choice but to take the throne (and leave her opponents little choice but accept)....

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