Elven Doubts

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 25802

"Are you sure that this fake assassination is a good idea?" Artizza asks. "The whole thing makes me a little nervous. What if somebody takes advantage of it, and you suddenly have a real assassination of Aaron on your hands?"

"But nobody other than us will know in advance that it's going to happen, so there's no question of anybody taking advantage of it," Aaron points out. "Besides, as a Champion, though I can be badly hurt I can't be killed."

"Maybe it's some sixth sense which we've obtained through becoming dark elves, but I too feel uneasy," Fertal says. "There's another potential danger too. After the 'assassination', to make it look convincing there's going to have to be a hunt launched to try to find the supposed assassin. What if some poor wretch happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it looks on circumstantial evidence as though he's guilty? You can't take into your confidence all the militia who'll have been carrying out the search, or the judges who would try him. So you would either have to let an innocent man be executed or else admit to everyone that the assassination had been a sham. And if you did that, it would scupper Illura's chances of succeeding Aaron, because everyone would know that she had to be part of the deception."

"I really think that you're worrying unnecessarily," Illura says. She, and the others who went with her to Daria, have returned now, for Aaron's coronation is due to be held tomorrow, and naturally she has to be present for the ceremony. It is planned that the fake assassination should take place two days after the coronation.

  1. The discussion continues, concerning the details of how the "assassination" will be managed.

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