The Devil's in the Details...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 26000

The discussion continues, concerning the details of how the "assassination" will be managed.


I must say I was rather proud of the plan we had concocted. It wasn't overly flashy, almost mundane in a sense (on the outside), but eloquent in a sense as well. That and flexible enough to be were we could prove anyone unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time innocent. Oh, the "assassin" who'd eventually gotten caught (and hung soon enough) would have been guilty enough of murder, have no fear! We had no desire to have an innocent killed, no. Rather, the person who'd die would be - according to Aaron - the one who had been one of the more integral conspirators (besides the now dead Samuel) who had brought about the death of Aaron's father, Hengist, king of Zendara.

Being that Aaron knows the ins and outs of his sources and such I'll say I trust him and leave it at that. Seems almost too convenient, in a way, but still things will be sticky enough as it is without having to worry about our target who'll be the assassin. Aaron has a look of almost murderous fury when he talks about the target, so I'll believe him and be done with it. Because, frankly, I have a feeling that if it had not been for a need of a "patsy", the man in question would have been dead long before now!

Indeed, justice will even be served, if only en passant.

Ah, but the tools of assassination, you ask? Why, poison, of course! The aristocracy's tool of choice for murder, of course. Of that, dear listener, Aaron's world (a world who's name hasn't been mentioned but who's name isn't important right now) and Terra Prime (up until the coming of the Enemy/Alliance war) had similarities.

After Aaron "died" a grisly, long death (actually a bit of acting with a magical sleep potion that would mimic death)...

After that we'd manage (with a bit of difficulty but we had been sure we'd manage) to switch the still living Aaron's body with a freshly killed (and transformed) rat, borrowing from a page from a trick that the Doctor and Inquirer did on one of their wilder, earlier adventures (re: 13353). The spell would be enough to where it would fade only well after it got buried along in the catacombs with the other royals. Long after we’d left, I’m sure. In the meantime, Aaron would be under magical disguise, looking somewhat like one of the less noticeable castle servants (who we’d have sent away for a trip off somewhere to get supplies....but fail to mention to his boss or whatnot....something like that anyway). The details however, of exactly how that would go aren’t important, now.

See, perhaps our “target” caught wind of him having been ferreted out. Or perhaps the man had planned it, just our of anger for the sudden changes in fortune. Or....

Well, ‘tis done.

I believe that he’d not expected the elves to have been able to climb up so quickly to his location where he shot that poisoned arrow into Aaron’s back. Whatever it was has done a D**m good job at knocking him unconscious AND, if he hadn’t been a Champion I’d rather doubt that much of anything the locals could have been done to prevent him from NEVER awakening (i.e. dying).

Well, whilst the elves are chasing the assassin who’ll prove to be in the pay of the Minister of Finance (details given after a bit of....persuasion by Illura’s guards who aid in his capture), us others have things to do.

Acting the part of shocked onlookers isn’t too hard, especially when we ARE rather taken aback by this unexpected turn of events.

Sigh, looks like with this dire emergency (according to Illura I believe), she’s going to have to take the throne as Regent until properly crowned. In the meantime, she’s saying something about “cleaning house”.

Meaning her enemies better run for it!

Well, that’s by the by and for later!

Right now sheer bedlam is about!

In the now and here, I at least I’m able to sneak into the room where the various local doctors and such are trying to revive (to them) the rapidly fading, unconscious Aaron.... Well, not the way we’d thought it go, but it works well enough as I quickly sleep spell the lot of them, working quickly (and placing some hypnotic suggestions and such to cover my tracks).

At least I was able to round up a rat before all this happened. Got that far in my preparations!

Fear I'll have to do something drastic in order for Aaron to not stand out in the crowds as I leave with him!


Well, the people by now know about how I and Andrea can shift our forms, so beforehand I'd had her go off somewhere to be out of sight until the original servant can be sent away and such. She'll be around, with invisibilty spells upon her until then.

Best I can do under the short notice, folks. Aaron groans as I cast a spell to neutralize the poison within his body and then gives off a slight yelp as he finds....himself on all fours and with a busy tail.

A rather simple spell who even the rankest of peasants back home would have been able to overcome. However, Aaron hasn't gotten any "counter charm" lessons yet, so a simple "curse" works wonders.

  1. Must say, I did a pretty good job at making him look like a vixen (as in what Andrea looks like in her full fox form).
  2. Get back on track with Fred's story, we've heard enough.
  3. Get back on track with Fred's story, we've heard enough.

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