The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19631


  1. Fred is a mercenary hired to protect a young priestess who must participate in a ceremony to halt the encroaching rebirth of Valmar, God of Darkness.
  2. Fred must reassemble the Holy Sword of legend, to prevent the Demon Sorceror from conquering the world.
  3. Fred is the heir to the throne of a Magic Empire, but dark intrigues threaten the stability of the land.
  4. Fred is reborn as Ged, young scion of a village of good sorcerors.
  5. ...meanwhile, in Allaria
  6. we jump 200 years from the Dominion of the Dragon...
  7. Fred is a librarian at the Multiversal Library of Terra Prime.
  8. We go back to the last days of the Dwarfen Dominion over what is now Havnheim, at the end of the Great War between the Great Dragons and dwarfkinde...
  9. Fred must assist Satan in arming the World Destroyers before Minestus obtains sufficient power to overwhelm the Avenger of Creation

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5/6/2002 12:39:43 PM

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