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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 19959

"Commander Kilik!" said Enrique, reining in his steed. "Look yonder! Dark plumes risen to the sky!"

"Good God!" Kilik gasped. "That's the peasantstead of Carbo! She burns!"

"As Protector Knights of Allaria, we must inquire into this withal!" Enrique said, drawing his sword.

"Right!" said Kilik. "Knights, ready your blades!"

"Heh!" grinned Valgarth, the strongest knight in the kingdom. "Leave it to me and my two-handed axe, Garabolas! The dragon's minions don't stand a chance!"

Only young Alyssa the Squire entertained doubt. "Oh, when will valiant Frederigo return from the Northern Caves?" she thought, but remained silent, one slender hand resting uneasily on her dagger.

At Kilik's order, they rode down the forest path, their mighty chargers trampling undergrowth, the squires following close behind on overloaded ponies.

"Be careful not to wet your pants when the fighting starts, Alyssa!" red-headed, buck-toothed Chuck the Squire taunted her.

"Shut up!" Alyssa yelled. "I'll show you I can fight as well as anyone!"

Suddenly the knights ahead pulled up. A refugee lay on the road, babbling in fear.

  1. Even now one could smell burning huts to the north, and hear the screams of the victims.

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