The Transform Door

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13741

Fred had no idea what the odd, oily-looking youth was reading, or what he was reading it from, but he instinctively knew it was no good. If he'd been able, he'd have run screaming from the room - or lopped the boy's head off, whichever seemed more practicable. Instead, all he could do was stand there, trapped in the frail form of a young teenage girl.

Similarly frozen, Belboz could only seethe inside. Blast Elaine - he has no idea what he's dealing with! He could easily wind up obliterating us, himself, the entire kingdom! He and the Amazons are playing with fire!

Finally, Elaine stopped his chant, and a hole appeared in the air a few feet in front of the two girls. It formed a portal which glowed with a variety of colors.

"Recognize it, o comely former master?" Elaine sneered at Belboz. "It's the Transform Door! Anyone who steps through it will instantly be whisked away - and when they arrive, they'll be changed. Im sending you and this other little doxy through it, and once I do, I'll be forever beyond your grasp - providing either of you even remembers me, or your old lives!" Elaine laughed in his irritating cackle. "Yes, I've worked out something special - very special - for you and your girlfriend here. And while you two live your new lives, me and my Amazon allies will be busy running the kingdom! Now - walk!"

Immediately, Fred and Belboz began to march toward the portal. They walked slowly and stiffly and against their will - but still, they walked.

"So long, master!" Elaine laughed. His laughter rang in their ears as they marched into the portal.

As he entered, Fred felt as though he were being pulled in a million different directions at once. Where are we? Where's Belboz?!? We've got to get back! Have to stop - to stop - oh! Wha- what's happening? Feel so - so dizzy! So strange. I - we - uhhhh.

How long it took, neither of them could say. Finally though, they emerged from the portal. They staggered and then looked around trying to remember who and where they were.

  1. Fred and Belboz were back in their old bodies - but they were in a land very very far away from where they started out.
  2. They were still in the bodies of the young girls, but they had no memory of who they were or where they found themselves.
  3. The young girl Fred was now in the body of the young girl Belboz and vice versa.
  4. They were now adult women - well-shaped and scantily-clad dancing women.
  5. They were powerful Amazon warriors, standing in the camp of Arthema.
  6. They were a pair of ogresses, roaming the desolate mountains of the Ogre Kingdom.
  7. They were King Embron and Queen Jastina.
  8. They were two male centaurs, deep in the Blighted Forest.
  9. They were now two slightly older girls, standing in a hallway.
  10. They were two male centaurs, deep in the Blighted Forest (Alternate).
  11. They were infants—twin girls in their nursery.

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