The Scientist cum Mage

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1072

Aatra found that the use of the muscles that would allow her to talk had been restored to her. "Um, very impressive," she said. "Are you a powerful mage or a brilliant scientist, or what?" "I dabble in both magic and science," said the old man. "It's so nice to have a visitor so that I can show off a few of the things I've been working on. Out here in the desert, I rarely see anyone, so it was a nice surprise when I detected you and your friend at the oasis, and was able to guide you here."

"Talking about my friend," said Astra, "where is he?" The scientist/mage replied:

  1. "He's tied to an operating table at the moment. I'm afraid I needed an experimental subject. Well, two subjects, actually."
  2. "He's fine. I'll take you to him."
  3. "I'm afraid Bobo got to him before I did."
  4. "He's here - and much closer than you might think."

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3/11/1999 1:36:37 PM

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