Thoughts From A Toaster

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 954

Astra turned the corner and came face to face with an eight foot tall monstrosity. It had a huge ape-like body covered in purple hair, and for a head it had a shiny metal toaster!?? Astra squeaked as the thing let out a roar (with what she wasn't sure), raised its arms menacingly and bent down till it was staring her in the face (well, you know what I mean). With amazing grace and perfect execution, Astra dropped to the floor in a backward roll before those hairy, muscle bound arms could close in on her. The thing straightened up in surprise as Astra cartwheeled away from it and was suddenly on the other side of the library. It had never seen anyone move so fast, or with such finesse. It could tell that Astra wasn't just another girl. She was too...dangerous. The thing was certain that Astra could easily protect herself with, or without, a weapon.

The thing took a step into the room, paused, and then headed straight for Astra in long, apish strides. If it had had anything more than a box of aluminum for a head, Astra would have seen it smiling.

She readied herself for the attack. Astra knew it was bigger and stronger than her, but she was faster and, hopefully, smarter. She had already noticed eleven different items in the room that she could use as makeshift weapons against the thing. But as she let the breath flow out of her body, letting go of her tensions, focusing only on the purple monster, a hand suddenly reached out from behind her and clamped down on her shoulder.

Her body froze instantly. She did not know if it was magic or what, but she could not move a muscle. The figure moved around her and into view. It was an old, wrinkled man. Only his eyes seemed young, seemed alive. And they bore into her like fiery coals. "I call him Bobo," the man said and motioned to the ape-thing behind him. "I made him myself. What do you think?"

  1. Bobo waved at Astra from behind the man's shoulder.

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