Bedroom cum Library

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 947

How strange! thought Astra. Why would a bed be placed in what appeared to be a library? And though it was nice to be clothed again, she would sooner have had a weapon. Still, she supposed she should not complain. Not only were her chains gone (with no sign of chafing), so was her incipient sunburn. Her skin was a healthy pink again, instead of an angry red. Whoever owned this tower must have immense magical power, she thought. She only hoped it wasn't the evil mage who had transported Fred and herself into the desert.

She examined her clothing. Since she was a warrior princess, it was not the sort of outfit she wore very often. She had on a floorlength gown, with a gathered waist, long sleeves and a low neckline (though not excessively so). It was made of a heavy red velvet. She wore slippers of what appeared to be the same material.

Astra sat on the bed for a few minutes to see if anything more would happen. When nothing did, she decided that she had better try to find Fred. She went to where the passage branched...

  1. And turned left.
  2. And turned right.
  3. And had an unpleasant surprise.

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