Smoke and Mirrors

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 952

Walking down the passageway she had chosen, Astra realized something disturbing. She had wandered back into the caverns of the dragon. This frightened her, despite her resolve, as she had to consider some rather daunting things. Mainly, how, even though they thought they had made it out, she herself at least was still in the caverns. What magick was this? Could it be that the dragonmage was not dead? That had to be the case, for his enchantments had not died...

She became even more frightened as the cavern widened outward into a large room, with a dais in the center. What could be upon it? Some nefarious artifact the dragon left behind to trap her? Battle she knew, but magick was strange and mysterious. The loss of control made her uneasy, to say the least.

Putting such thoughts aside, she strode up to the dais at last. She could tell what was on it now, it was a scroll, ancient and dusty. Carefully she opened it, and was confused by the arcane symbols upon it. She had been trained in the deciphering of such tongues, but this one was unfamiliar. She wished Lord Frederigo D'Honaire, her rescuer and compatriot was there, and pondered trying to find him first.


There was no time.

She had to figure out what was on the scroll, so she figured the mere reading of it aloud would reveal its purpose. Thus she began to chant the incantation. There was a sound of thunder and the cry of something distant as she intoned the syllables, and then she was done.

But something was not right...

Glancing down at her arms, Astra saw what it was. The glyphs that were once on the scroll had transferred onto her flesh, magically. She rubbed, but they would not come off, as if they were tatoos. Then, somehow, instinctually, she knew what the scroll had done...

  1. Astra was doomed now to betray her comrades in battle. She would be known as Oathbreaker.
  2. Astra now bore the dying geas of a long-gone race. She had to destroy the dragon to free their souls.
  3. Astra was cursed by the scroll to change into a savage beast when the full moon next rose.
  4. She was to take the place of the dragon!

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