Velvet Whispers

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 953

Walking down the passageway she had chosen, Astra realized something disturbing. She had wandered back into the caverns of the dragon. This frightened her, despite her resolve, as she had to consider some rather daunting things. Mainly, how, even though they thought they had made it out, she herself at least was still in the caverns. What magick was this? Could it be that the dragonmage was not dead? That had to be the case, for his enchantments had not died...

She focused herself as the cavern took a dip downward. She saw at the bottom, an underground river. She knew that such rivers led to freedom, and in her present state she was in no position to hunt the dragon. She took a deep breath, and dove into it.

She swam for what seemed like years, in darkness and wetness. Finally, her strength gone, she washed up upon a beach. There, on the beach she saw Frederigo, evidently marooned. She smiled faintly as she passed into unconsciousness.

  1. When she awoke, she found Frederigo standing over her. He recognized her, and had been searching for her.
  2. When she awoke, she found Frederigo standing over her. However, he did not recognize her.

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