Finding Fred In The Tower

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1079

The old man, who introduced himself as Vincent, left Bobo where he was and took Astra to Lord Fred.

They went down a long, well-lit corridor and came to a mighty room.
It was twenty stories tall and horizontally, five stories. Several stone ledges lines the wall in various and confusing patterns. A couple boxes dotted the floor, which was transparent! Astra saw that it was a twenty foot thick of remarkably clear material that looked over fields of food. Inside farming! Astra was impressed.
On a ledge on the opposite side of the door, was Lord Fred. He waved to her.
This didn't seem right.

  1. Everything was fine. Nothing was wrong.
  2. The floor began falling apart as Astra crossed the middle.

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8/10/1999 10:15:24 AM

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