The Nearness of Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 24779

"What do you mean, 'much closer than I think'?"

The old man merely smiled. "I'm an experimenter, you see - always questing after new and untried knowledge. Oh, the mages and necromancers always deride science as limited and cumbersome, while scientists are always saying magic is either flatly impossible or wildly dangerous. But I've found they can work quite harmoniously together."

Astra's patience with the odd old man was wearing thin. "That doesn't answer my question - where is Fred?"

"Hm? Oh, sorry - I tend to prattle on a bit, I'm afraid. I don't get much of a chance to talk to anyone, so when the opportunity arrives, I'm afraid I tend to abuse it a bit. It's a failing of mine, you see, but I assure you..."

"ENOUGH!" Astra bellowed. If she had use of any muscles other than her mouth, she'd rip the man's lips off. "You said Fred was closer than I thought - so where is he/!?"

"Where is your friend Fred? I'll tell you..."

  1. "He's right behind you. Fred, step out and say hello to your companion."
  2. "My little friend Bobo here is, in reality, Fred."
  3. "It so happens, dear Princess Astra, that I am Sir Fred!"
  4. "It so happens, dear Princess Astra, that you are Sir Fred!"
  5. "He's been transported into one of the many books I keep in this very room."
  6. "It just so happens that you're wearing him!"
  7. But before he could reveal Fred's whereabouts, the room began to shake violently.

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